Monday, June 20, 2011

School's finally over!

And honestly, I've spent the first few days playing LittleBigPlanet... I should probably go out and do something.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hey all!

School's finally wrapping up, woo! Just two days left and then exams!
It's that time when I get both excited and sad. It's exciting to leave all that stress behind me, but also sad to leave people behind me. I wish there was some way I could still see everyone! Well, minus a select few...

Anyways, that's really all the update I have for now! Here, have a crappy haiku that I just wrote to make this post less boring! Feel free to judge my lack of poetic talent.

Although my light fades
I will always watch over
You inside of dreams

Friday, June 3, 2011


End of the school year stress, you seem infinite... And finals, you make me even crazier with stress and worry! It's times like these I wish I were a slacker who didn't have these problems! But no, this is the school experience of an over achiever... Oh well, that'll just make me feel accomplished when I finally get rid of you! Ha!

Well, I don't mean to ramble, I don't have much of substance to say at the moment, just needed to vent for a second due to the temporary absence of my friend who I usually vent to. Thanks all for reading, here's a poem for your troubles ^ ^

"since feeling is first" by e.e. cummings
since feeling is first
who pays any attention
to the syntax of things
will never wholly kiss you;

wholly to be a fool
while Spring is in the world

my blood approves,
and kisses are a better fate
than wisdom
lady i swear by all the flowers. Don't cry
- the best gesture of my brain is less than
your eyelids' flutter which says

we are for each other: then
laugh, leaning back in my arms
for life's not a paragraph

and death i think is no parenthesis

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"I saw a man pursuing the horizon" by Stephen Crane

I saw a man pursuing the horizon;
Round and round they sped.
I was disturbed at this;
I accosted the man.
"It is futile," I said,
"You can never -"

"You lie," he cried,
And ran on.